Dr. Moez Ajili

Senior Speech Scientist

Moez is one of the leading in his field and received an Engineering degree in Machine Learning and Signal Processing from the High School of Telecommunication. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in the field of Speech Processing in 2017 from LIA laboratory, Avignon, France. Moez started as an R&D Engineer in The National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) in 2013, working on the Analysis of Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images series and developed new techniques for atmospheric correction of time series. In 2014 he formed his expertise of speech processing at LIA Laboratory and then joined Bertin It Group CNIM as a Speech Expert Engineer. There he developed and maintained their speaker recognition, spoken language identification, and language switching commercial Systems. Moez has published more than 40 articles in the major conferences and journals in the Speech Field.

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