Unlocking the power of human voice



My Voice Ai is unlocking the power of voice using the latest machine learning techniques. Starting with speaker identification and continuing with sentiment analysis, emotion detection and the real-time evaluation of other speaker characteristics.

Secure your digital and the physical world with voice



Secure In-Vehicle Payments

Utilize My Voice to secure payments and transactions hands-free. No need to take your eyes of the road.


Smart Homes


We look forward to the day when a person can just speak and say “Hello Smart Home” or a street number and then hear the door unlock. In addition, the home security system would deactivate simultaneously.


Ride-Sharing Authentication

Our speaker identification technology will enable car sharing companies worldwide with authentication, allowing users and drivers to share vehicle access easily and securely.


Total Voice


At My Voice, we believe that there is so much more to voice then just transferring words to text and understanding their meaning. Voice is complex but at the same time full of information. We have chosen to work on the uncovered areas of voice and have gathered years of research and experience to complete the voice user interface puzzle.  We are a bunch of pioneers, dreamers, researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Our collaboration with the leading research institutes and universities makes us stronger and helps us identify great talents.


The last user interface

We believe that speech is the fundamental means of human communication. All cultures persuade, inform and build relationships primarily through speech. Voice user interface has exploded in popularity over the recent years where speech recognition technology enables users to communicate with technology with their voice only.