My Voice AI with gender and age detection, speaker isolation and even emotion detection.

My Voice AI is a Biometric Authentication Startup who is working within the area of biological artificial intelligence. Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence is an AI whose algorithms are rooted in human physiological models of Sensory Perception and Cognition. For example, when tackling the problem of Voice Biometrics My Voice AI applies models that capture the form and function of human voice physiology. The principle is that nothing performs better at a sensory act like voice identification than the human speech communication chain where the speech signal is produced by the mouth and vocal tract and received by the auditory system or ear, especially when paired with modern machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Our dedicated team of Speech Scientists and AI Engineers are working on an exciting roadmap of additional voice-centric capabilities that includes gender and age detection, speaker isolation and even emotion detection.

The world is moving, and more and more people are using digital voice assistants. The market for these smart speakers or devices is rapidly growing and replacing simple but often inconvenient tasks. The possibility of giving commands and self-improving algorithms that help the device to get smarter and smarter. There is also a growing marked for chatbots for creating and tracking insurance claims, personal online banking, booking travel accommodation and flights, service support internally, on channels such as Slack and other management software and providing broader mental health access. What’s on the horizon for the future is laying the groundwork for the new online experience.

The year will be a foray into how the landscape is set to dramatically change within the next few years. Chatbots are expected to save billions of dollars a year in ecommerce, banking and healthcare. Efficient, correct chatbot interaction is expected to increase from just 22% in 2018 to 93% in 2022. Businesses are increasing their interactivity with other businesses within a chatbot experience to provide the ultimate

The Year of the Voicebot

In 2018, it’s estimated that 30% of interactions with tech will be conversation-based and it looks like it is going to be the “year of the voicebot.” From Amazon’s Alexa to the Echo Dot, large retailers arecreating voice assisted bots for making purchases, checking orders, providing product suggestions or extending brand experience with services like style or recipe suggestions. In 2018, brands have increasingly partnered with established Amazon, Google Home and other companies delivering voice-controlled devices.

Voicebots didn’t outshine chatbots. Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and others did. Chatbots, with advancements in AI and natural language processing, will continue to bring this experience to more users. An increasingly intelligent virtual guide from banking to healthcare and travel will result in a personalized service experience with deep understanding and deep learning based on your interactions across industries.

Yet, we still we need to figure out who is giving the commands and be able to detect other characteristics within the voice.

Voice Biometric is not only to understand and to authenticate by your voice or to understand who is giving a command. We think that there are other dimensions to Voice Biometric than the traditional statistical approach. In order to be commercially successful, it has to be frictionless and based on user convenience, but the system could sense your state of mind. If you are impatient, stressed, anxious or even scared.

Imagine being stranded in Berlin, with your luggage on the way to Singapore and the plane is delayed ... you are calling the airline`s customer center and you don’t get the help you need from the voicebot. What if the customer callcenter could understand when the customer has to be switched over to a operator instead of "talking" to a voicebot. When the customer no longer gets the help and are getting frustrated ...

Or could send a silent alarm when the person authenticating is under stress or fear. We are now testing and piloting this functionality with customers. Whether it’s an Enterprise API, On-device SDK, Single application or on a standalone chip. We call it "Total Voice"

Conventional passwords are cumbersome and outdated, so we want to change the way people secure their valuables both online and in the physical world. We believe that speaking is the most natural way to communicate, and that voice will be the most dominant user interface in the future. Speech recognition systems employed by Mobile Devices, Operating Systems, Search Engines and Home Devices have improved dramatically in recent years and performance is said to be on a par with human speech recognition. Unfortunately, where these systems fail is that none of them know who is actually speaking. My Voice has solved that problem and a few more. We have developed several core technologies that provide a whole range of Voice Biometric Authentication capabilities for use in a huge variety of applications, devices and situations. Whether it is simply authenticating a banking transaction, securing a precious metals transfer or the keyless operation of the new generation automobiles, the opportunities to use and implement our technology is almost unlimited.

We are an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs, world leading scientists and software developers. Our technology is based on a decade long research and development by Dr. David Horowitz while at MIT, together with modern DNN, ML and AI algorithms. Our Startup has some great traction and we are completely self funded. Currently we just closed our first external funding and are now increasing the technical team to meet the demand

Nikola Andelic